Why join the Corporate Creations Affiliate Program?

  • It's FREE
  • Increase revenues from your web site
  • Provide a value added service to your customers
  • Increase your site's traffic
  • Create a competitive advantage

Follow these simple steps to join:

  • Sign up for the Corporate Creations Affiliate Program
  • Copy simple HTML to your site
  • Collect monthly checks

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Corporate Creations Affiliate Program work?
Once you apply and are accepted into the program, we provide you with a hyperlink to a custom created Corporate Creations web page at which your customer can then purchase our online incorporation services. We handle the order processing, fulfillment and customer service and send you a monthly referral fee payment for any completed sales you refer to us.
How does your service help my customers?
The Corporate Creations online incorporation service helps your customers learn about the features and benefits of different types of business entities and helps them form corporations and limited liability companies.
Are there any costs to sign up for the Affiliate Program?
The program is free to join. You can cancel at any time.
How much will I earn?
Corporate Creations will pay you a $40.00 referral fee on any completed sales you refer to us for the formation of a new entity. Referral fee payments are made monthly.
How do you track my sales?
Because we create a separate web page and order form for each affiliate, any orders that occur on your page are easy to identify and track.
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